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What is the practical mechanism of the medicine in the treatment of various diseases?
What are the limitations and side effects of the medicine?
What herbs is the medicine made of?
How long does the treatment take?
How to take the medicine?
How and when was the medicine invented?
Who has successfully received the treatment?
Medical: The role of inflammation in diseases.
Medical: Taking chemical drugs to treat inflammation.

How the medicine affects

The way the medicine treats illnesses is through eliminating the inflammations as the main cause of a large group of diseases which cause pain intensification and prolongation of the disease. Some herbs used in the formulation of this medicine have some anti- bacterial and anti- infection properties which result in definite treatment or improvement of a large group of diseases in which inflammation and various infections are the main factors involved in causing the illnesses or intensifying the pain.

  • Sinusitis: (definite treatment): This medicine has an anti- swelling and inflammation property. It gradually opens the swollen nasal mucosae membranes which obstruct the nasal passages as if the patient has a cold, then infection is discharged through the nose. Being antiseptic, the medication disinfects the involved sinuses resulting in a gradual but definite treatment, therefore, the improvement procedure starts resolving the relative symptoms such as pain, post- nasal drip, scratchy throat, congested nose, decreased sense of smell, and the patient starts to notice improvement in their very early days of using the medicine. It should be mentioned that the treatment starts by a discharge through nasal cavities. (Do you know what sinusitis is?)
  • Asthma: (improvement and in some cases definite treatment) the way this medicine improves Asthma is alike preventive group of drugs such as steroid sprays beclomethasone Intal (cromolyn), Tilade (Nedocromil Inhalation Aerosol). In another word, it relieves Asthma attacks, eliminating inflammations in airways and therefore less variability in their sensitivity. (Do you know what asthma is?)
  • Migraine: (improvement and in some cases definite treatment) the effect of this medicine in Migraine cases is to relieve constriction and dilation of blood vessels and as a result leads to prevention of migraine attacks. After using this medicine for migraine the patient will gradually experience a decrease in pain and frequency of attacks. And in some cases the preliminary attacking symptoms may occur as usual but the migraine attack and headache don’t appear.(Do you know what migraine is?)
  • Allergy: (improvement and in some cases definite treatment). It can be said that most types of allergies are somehow involved with different kinds of inflammation and this medicine has been tested on some allergies such as Asthma, allergic rehinitis (mucosal inflammation that most of the time has some symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion and itchiness and nose running that is called seasonal allergy) and very positive results have been seen. (Do you know what allergy is?)
  • Arthritis (improvement and definite treatment in some cases) as most types of medicines which are used for arthritis inflammation, this medicine just has tranquilizing and anti- inflammatory effects and it isn’t used to treat Arthritis definitely. It is a topical medicine and it must be applied on skin to penetrate under skin and inflamed parts and it can reduce or relieve pain and prevent patients from using chemical drugs that have many side- effects.(Do you know what arthritis is?)
  • The Flu (improvement and in some eases definite treatment): Common cold or the flu is a viral nasopharyngitis that develops as a result of contacting with a patient or a transmitter of flu virus. Nasopharyngitis means inflammation and infection in throat and nose. The flu is the most common human disease and is the origin of some diseases such as measles, bronchitis, ear infection, pulmonary edema, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases, as you can see almost the main reasons which make the flu critical are infection and inflammation and the most important function of Nikoosefat medicine is to eliminate these problems. (Learn more about the flu).
  • Severe headaches (improvement or in some cases definite treatment): headaches which are the result of inflammation or constriction of the arteries or blood vessels to the brain are not always called migraine, but the effect of Nikoosefat medicine on this kinds of headaches is exactly like treating migraine. (Please read the explanation on migraine) (Learn more about headaches)
  • Rheumatism and joints pain and muscle inflammation (improvement): The role of this medicines is to reduce inflammations which cause pain, therefore such pains as in arthritis are just reduced and total treatment isn’t possible but using Nikoosefat medicine protects your body from chemical drugs which have strong side- effects but you have to use them to calm your pain down.
  • Dermal fungal infections (improvement or in some cases definite treatment): Fungal infections which is a common disease, (especially on feet) causes some symptoms like inflammation, irritation, swelling and blisters. The Anti-infective power of Nikoosefat herbal medicine destroys fungi and their symptoms.(Learn more about fungal infections)
  • Tuberculosis (improvement): Pulmonary tuberculosis is a disease that can affect the lung and liver or other parts of body. Nikoosefat herbal medicine actually is a herbal antibiotic which can be very effective on tuberculosis and improve this fatal disease gradually.
  • Skin burns (improvement): Nikoosefat herbal medicine has anti-infection properties that can prevent skin infection and also prevent skin inflammation and swelling, however, we haven’t done any research on the effect of this medicine on severe burns yet.

Side Effects

  • Because of being herbal and having especial herbal compound formula and also being easy to use, Nikoosefat medicine fortunately has no side- effects even for people who have to use this medicine for all their lives and consumers of this medicine don’t experience any disorder or unpleasant changes in their daily lives.
  • Using this medicine has no age restriction. Up to now, all people from 2 to 70 years old have been consumers of this medicine.
  • Using this medicine has no interaction with other chemical drugs (although it is recommended to stop using other drugs at the same time because of short- term usage and rapid effects).
  • Using this medicine has no negative effects on pregnant women or people with heart diseases.


Nikoosefat herbal medicine is 100% herbal, tasty and a nice- smelling liquid. The unique formula of this medicine is the combination of extracts of magical plants such as garlic, olive leaf and cumin which have- Anti- inflammation and anti- oxidant properties which had been used for hundreds of years to treat bones and joints inflammation, mucous inflammation, bronchial inflammation, and etc.
This medicine has also “Egyptian willow” water which has been recommended to treat depression, neurotic and rheumatism pain and stress, nevertheless, its tranquilizing properties is obvious.“Orange blossom” is used as an anti- convulsing for neurological diseases and it is useful to treat headeach and its most important medical property is to affect on nervous system to tranquilize neuralgia, neural and migraine headaches.“Walnut leaf” that treats swelling and also is recommended to treat frostbite and skin diseases and also is useful for pad Agra, and joints pain. This medicine has also several other useful herbs but we cannot mention all in order to protect our medicine formula.

Duration of treatment

Duration of treatment Course is:
Taking one bottle of medicine for each year of being struck by the disease, it means, for example, if someone has suffered from sinusitis for 5 years, should take 5 bottles of this medicine. Consuming each bottle of medicine takes 2 or 3 days, so, the disease of one who mentioned will take about 10 or 15 days.

  • Important point: (A) The treatment period mentioned can’t be considered as 100% correct which can be recommended to everyone and be prescribed for every disease, but we know that treatment of any kind of disease needs a distinct treatment period, but our experience of more than 3,500 people who have taken this medicine shows that this formula, is the most accurate treatment period which has been effective for 90% of people, moreover, in this connection, we can consider other examples:
    A 60- year- old man with 40- year- precedent of sinusitis who was treated by taking about 25 bottles of this medicine, or, a lady who has to take one bottle of this medicine in a year because of allergic trinities for the rest of her life.
  • Important note (B): almost all of patients in very first few days or first week of taking this medicine notice their relative improvement that encourages them to keep suing the medicine, moreover, many of the people who have caught diseases like chronic and acute sinusitis or allergy feel improvement at the very first time of taking this medicine and experience some good symptoms such as opening and running nose (in sinusitis) and reduction of inflammation and itching of the nose and eyes (In Allergies).

How to use

The instructions of how to consume this medicine according to the type of the disease is different.

  • Fumigation (depending on severity of disease, 1 to 4 times per day).
  • Robbing on the skin: (once each 2 hours for 5 minutes, only during the day)
  • nose drop: (8 drops each 2 hours only during the day).

Using instructions is attached to medicine and will be sent to you with the medicine.

(watch the instruction video)

Download complete using instructions of Nikoosefat medicine in PDF (290 KB).

You can instill drops of the medicine in your nose in 3 positions, sitting on a chair, standing or lying down. Instilling drops in the nose should be used for the patients who are suffering from diseases like sinusitis, migraine, allergy, headache, cold and occasionally asthma (the fumigating is much more effective but you should first try the instilling the medicine and if it wasn’t effective then you have to fumigate).

For diseases like arthritis, Rheumatism and Joints or muscle pain, this medicine should be applied to the skin.


This medicine was made in 2006 by Mr. Nikoosefat while he came down with sinusitis and used his previous research to treat himself.More..

Trust list

According to our statistics which began from first selling of this medicine through advertisements in newspapers, nearly 95% of consumers of this medicine feel improvement and this statistics, compared with other herbal and chemical drugs, is very positive and encouraging.Among 3,500 people who have gotten familiar with this medicine through newspaper advertisements or our website and have been using this medicine.Some kind and devoted people who were our patients some day, have given us their phone numbers and names to put them in the trust list just to inform the others on this medicine to relieve their pains and sufferings without expecting any prize or money.It is better to mention that the names of some of them have been gradually omitted from the list because it was their own wish since they are busy with their personal lives and the number of calls are high during the day.Before calling these people, please contact us by phone or in person if you have any questions or read the complete information in the website. We wish to see your name on this list some day.


Each bottle has a serial number printed on two parts: on the glass container of the medicine and on the paper box. You can make sure of the originality of the medicine by contacting us at this number +98 21 88917462 (and soon through the part which will be activated for this purpose in our website).

This medicine is a unique herbal solution which is not similar to any other medicine.For further information or buying the medicine please contact us only by email or available numbers in this website.


The role of inflammation in causing diseases:
Do you know that contracting a large number of diseases is intimately related to inflammation?

The inflammation of the members around the sinus is one of the significant causes for having a sinus infection. The inflammation of blood vessels that go to the head and brain results in migraine headaches due to the expansion and contraction of those vessels…

The skin inflammation which appears in the form of skin rashes…,

nasal mucosal inflammation caused by allergies (rhinitis)…, the prevention of airflow owing to inflammation and swelling in the lungs that causes asthma…, arthritis and its undeniable connection with rheumatic disease…

Even we can mention the non- integrated inflammation and myelin fragmentation in nervous system (brain and spinal cord) that causes the fatal disease of century, Ms.

We can also mention a large number of important and unimportant diseases like pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat or sore throat) Laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx), bronchitis (inflammation and infection of the airways and trachea), pneumonia (lung infection), Nazufarnzhyt (Simultaneous inflammation and infection of the throat and nose such as cold which is a viral nazufarnzhyt), autit (ear infection)…and other diseases which you can read in the collected articles in this site.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed this important point that the main cause of the existence or intensification of a large number of diseases is the different types of inflammation in sensitive parts of the body caused by different illnesses.

Are you suffering from one or more of these diseases?

Have you ever thought about the chemical drugs you have to take disregarding their plenty of side effects?

Are you aware of their irreversible side effects?

Using chemical medicine to treat inflammation:

Do you know, a large group of chemical drugs you take are for relieving inflammation?

Non- steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAID) that inhibits a special enzyme, prevents the production of inflammatory reaction and as a result it prevents the inflammation from continuing or intensifying.

Such as:

Aspirin and other salicylates cause prostaglandins not to be produced (one of the cellular mediators involved with inflammation). Although these drugs control inflammation, they have no effect on disease progression.

Other NSAID: ibuprofen – ketoprofen- naproxen- diclofenac- mefenamic acid- pyruksy palate- in dome thacin and phenyl Butazun have the same action mechanism like Aspirin but unlike it they have reversible effects.

Selective inhibitors: Celecoxib and rofecoxib which are used to treat advanced osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Corticosteroids or corticosteroids that are used in medicine for severe inflammatory conditions like skin inflammations, also rheumatic diseases, joint pains and severe allergic conditions like: Glucocorticoids: such as cortisone and urtykustrun that have strong anti- inflammatory effect and are used to treat anti- inflammatory diseases. Cortical, infact is an anti- inflammatory hormone and like Aldustun has a basic role to adjust the balance between water and salt in the body, these drugs are prescribed because of making anti- inflammatory effect in skin, lung or joints.

The most important of these drugs are named beta metazoan, Dgza Metazoan and methylprednisolne, triamcinolone, hydrocortisone and clobetasol which all are a type of corticosteriods.

If you find a herbal medicine without any side effects at a low cost that can be a permanent substitute to chemical drugs you use, will you hesitate to try it?

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