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Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb I: For definite treatment of sinusitis, improvement of Migraine, Allergy, chronic headache, muscular-skeletal and rheumatoid pain, repeated Flu, severe coughing, skin diseases, snoring, ear infection and.(Price: Rls.75,000.00)

Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb II: Same usages as Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb I, but for patients with severe complications who didn’t respond to Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb I (Price: Rls.110,000.00)

Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb III: For gastric pain and nausea. Dissolve half of the bottle contents in ¼ of a glass of water and take before meal or when in pain. Number of bottles depends on disease and its severity(Price: Rls.75,000.00)

Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb IV: Used to remove facial pimple, revitalize and peel the skin. It should be applied to the skin once or twice per day for some droplets. Let it on your skin for at least one hour. (Pri8ce: Rls.220,000.00)

Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb V: Prevents hair loss and dandruff and revive hair root.(Price: Rls.100,000.00)
Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb VI: Anti-adenoid(Price: 75,000.00)
Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb VII: Anti-diuretic and anti-prostate inflammation (Price: 150,000.00)


((Experiences of Dr. Jafari with Nikoosefat Medicinal Herb:))

I welcome all the website visitors.Dr. Jafari
I, Jahanbakhsh Jafari, General Physician, reside in Andimeshk city, in Khuzestan province, have more than 17 years of experience in practicing medicine and am also well known in this city.
Based on my professional commitments and ethics and as well in order to cooperate with this website and Nikoosefat products, I hereby express my own experiences with the products:
I think to be the first one who started to prescribe Nikoosefat anti-migraine drops in the3 north or Khuzestan province, and even in the province in whole. It was more than three years ago. During these years, as I remember, I have treated at least 31 migraine suffering patients by prescribing Anti-Migraine I or II. In two cases the patients didn’t continued the therapeutic process and in another case the patient stopped the medication, having no consultation with me, for what he considered as medicinal allergy. Finding that I didn’t encourage him to recover. Other patients with the exception of the three above, were all satisfied of the treatment outcome.
It is interesting that one of the female patients was insisting on acupuncture for treatment of her migraine. Considering the period of treatment, charges and her general condition I assured her to use Nikoosefat Anti-migraine aerosol first and then revert to acupuncture if there was no result. But she was treated taking six bottles of medication. I should add that from my own profit, it was more beneficial to resort to acupuncture in this case.
Regarding treatment of sinusitis using Niko Sefgat Medication, I have currently started to prescribe the medicine. I had three patients, all highly satisfied of therapeutic outcomes.
Considering very good therapeutic responses and comparing treatment reaction, duration, charges and side effects with ordinary methods I am trying to recommend Nikoosefat medicinal herb III, IV and V where necessary and where patient has receive nothing form other treatments. I hope the medicinal herb efficiency is proven in this field. As well, having no side effect is a very important and significant benefit of using Nikoosefat products compared with other medicines.
For the commitments I feel in me, to encourage Mr. Nikoosefat in development of his big endeavor, development of a broader research work, I would be daily available from 11 to 13 and 22 to 24 at 09392453891 to answer your questions.
And to summarize my words. Be healthy, sleep much, hear more and accurately, experience if possible and there is no risk and finally judge
October 18, 2013-Jafari

Recovery Report regarding Big Intestine Inflammation (Colon)

I am a 22 years girl, experiencing intestinal abscess, subjected under gastric surgery for six times. After three years I experienced severe gastric infection, stated by physicians to be resulted from my gastric abscess. I started to take antibiotics such as Asacol, Amoxiciline, Pentoprazol, ….. I was also hospitalized sometimes receiving intravenous antibiotics. After two years my physical condition worsen, experiencing severe stomach ache, nausea and diarrhea to the extent that I was no more able to work and lost 20 kg. I then referred a well known physician who told my diseases to be Krone. So, my treatment was started. I was taking Pentasa 500, Aspirofloxacine 500, Korton, Azaram, Clidinium Pentoprazol three times a day plus many other medications. Beside all these antibiotics I started to receive weak chemotherapy. I continued the treatment from 2011 to 2013 experiencing no improvement at all. Then, searching the internet I found Dr. Niko Sefgat Medication and proceeded to take them. Now after three month (taking 36 bottles of the medicine) my symptoms are all gone. It is a miracle to me and I appreciate the doctor for it.

To call her please contact with Mr. Nikoosefat


Practical record of Dr. Alireza Abaspour


* Graduated from Iran University of Medical Science (Tehran)

*19 years experience as Physician (Sepah Land Forces General Staff, Private Office, 3-year Plan in Rodsar City, Tarasht Power Plant)

* Member of Iranian Cupping Researches Institute

* Author of medical emergency books including Otolaryngology EMS, Ophthalmology EMS, Pediatrics EMS, Urology EMS, Burns, Orthopedics Abstract, Gynecology and Midwifery EMS, Dorland Medical Terminology

:Case Report

26 years woman with severe and purulent pimples about 8 years ago. She has referred different physicians and received medicines with dangerous side effects, like Roacotan, Oxicycline, tetracycline, lotion, expensive soaps. She still experience rises and decline in her illness

Treatment plan:

1)Microderm Abrasion was done in order to remove excess dermal fat and dead skin
2)Niko Safat IV medicine was prescribed
3)To lower blood density monthly cupping was done

Patient was visited taking the third bottle of the medicine. Only one active pimple was seen in the right cheek area which was the result of overtaking pastries and chocolate in Yalda night upon patient suggestion

:Case Report
Mr. Farokh Sahari, 46 years, had been treated by me since 5 years ago for severe allergy (nasal drip, sneeze, mucus). When symptoms were severe he received powerful cortons like betametazone L Avmethyl, prednizolone along with broad antibiotics such as coamoxiciline clave and antihistamines (I had explained the medicine side effects to the patient). His last manifestation was on November 2013. Taking the first bottle of Noko Sefat II medicine with no corton and antibiotic, symptoms were quickly slipped away. Patient was so happy that he gave the medicine to some of his friends and family as a gift (his phone number is available)

:Case Report

35 years woman with the history of migraine headache since the age of 18 had been treated by taking Argotamine C and similar medicine biweekly and had to take anti-migraines forever upon physician prescription
Patient received Nikoosefat I medicine and taking three bottles Nikoosefat II medicine was prescribed. She is currently taking the 4th bottle of Nikoosefat II medicine, She had no migraine during the last two months and is totally satisfied.
It is noteworthy that for taking anti-migraine and smoking the patient blood density had been increased. After two sessions bloodletting and three sessions of cupping CBC was normal.

:Case Report

41 years woman with history of severe headache which was started late third decade of her life and diagnosed to be Tension Headache. She was taking sedatives for years and was suffering gastric effects and flatulence for drugs side effects. I prescribed her Nikoosefat I (one bottle) and II (7 bottles). She is now taking the second bottle. From the second day after taking the bottles her headache was stopped and only mild headache was experienced between 6 and 8 pm. From the fifth day headaches were totally gone (she took no chemical medicine concurrently).
Taking three bottles of Nioko Sefat III of lower dose 3 times per day decreased the gastric effect and flatulence to satisfactory level. She was very happy and suggested to be ready to take the medicine all her life.

:Case Report

32 years woman with history of recurring gastric pain, started from the belly button area and centralized on epigastric area in two to three month intervals. She was being treated by ranitidine and aluminum MG syrup. She awoken in the midnight for gastric pain and referred a clinic. There ranitidine serum and injection, cyclomine were prescribed and received three spoon aluminum syrup in 10 cc lidocaine 2%. Pain was still there while she reported analgesia up to 10%. I prescribed her ¼ bottle of Nikoosefat III bottle. After about half an hour the patient said the pain has been totally slipped out. After two months the pain came again and she took the solution again. It is gone now. Patient reported to stop taking ranitidine and gastric syrup completely.

The revolutionary medicine, which will change the medical world in the near future..
This medicine which was made by Ali Akbar Nikoosefat in 2006 is a natural substitute for antibiotics and corticosteroids.Over 3000 people had been treated by using this medicine from 2006 to 2011.This medicine is an extraordinary mixture of some herbs which had been used to treat human diseases for centuries.This product with natural anti-infection and anti-inflammation properties is an exceptional herbal medicine that can treat various diseases, which originate from infection or inflammation.More information about Nikoosefat Herbal Medicine In following, there are some diseases and illnesses which have been treated by this medicine up until now:
(definite treatment), migraine (improvement and definite treatment in some cases): asthma (improvement),The flu (improvement), severe headaches with blood vessels inflammation origin (improvement and definite treatment in some cases) arthritis and arthralgia or muscular dystrophy (pain improvement), dermatic fungal infection (improvement), and recently, pulmonary tuberculosis (improvement) and skin burns (improvement), our research has proved that the above-mentioned diseases and illnesses have been treated by using our medicine. Further information..
High- cost and long- running phases of registering this medicine has started recently and at first step, based on our request in 31 June 2011, primary tests (pharmacology and animal test) on our medicine have been initiated by university of Tehran research center and you will be constantly informed about all the registration phases via this website.Although I have to mention that most of herbal medicines are not ever registered world wide because of their not harmful nature.

"Nikoosefat herbal medicine" Discovered by AliAkbar Nikoosefat "All rights reserved"